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Involvement 2017 May to Now (maintainer)
An Electron app, providing the desktop application component of the Signal ecosystem. Read More »


Involvement 2015 Jan to Now (maintainer)
The code to generate my personal blog. Read More »


Involvement 2016 May to 2017 Feb (maintainer)
A one-stop install for ESLint, plugins, and configuration. Read More »


Involvement 2016 May to 2017 Jan (maintainer)
A tool for comparing ESLint two different configurations, with full fidelity with ESLint config load behavior. Read More »


Involvement 2016 Dec, 1 merged pull request
A central repository for Flow library definitions Read More »


Involvement 2016 Jun to Jul, 1 merged pull request
ESLint plugin to check filenames. Read More »


Involvement 2016 Apr to Jun (maintainer)
Extra err.stack entries for debuggability. Better than your plain 'if err return cb(err)' Read More »


Involvement 2016 Apr to Jun (maintainer)
A place for rules with no other good home. Read More »


Involvement 2016 Jun, 1 merged pull request
A lazy local cache for NPM to make your local installs faster, and enable offline installs. Read More »


Involvement 2016 Jun, 1 merged pull request
Find built-in and plugin-sourced ESLint rules you don't have in your custom config Read More »


Involvement 2016 May, 2 total merged pull requests
Supports linting of ES2015+ import/export syntax, and prevent issues with misspelling of file paths and import names. Read More »


Involvement 2016 May, 1 merged pull request
High-performance library for dealing with URLs. Read More »


Involvement 2016 Jan to May, 5 total merged pull requests
Generate static websites from markdown and React.js components. Hot reloading for fast iteration during development, Single-Page Web App for fast navigation in production. Read More »


Involvement 2016 Mar to Apr, 1 merged pull request
Chai.js assertions for Facebook's Immutable.js library.


Involvement 2014 Dec to 2016 Feb (maintainer)
A set of shell scripts, node.js scripts and templates to make journalling, and daily/week/monthly goal tracking easy. Read More »


Involvement 2015 May to Jun, 1 merged pull request
Simple alerting system for Graphite metrics, with support for multiple alert transports: email, slack, command-line tools, etc.


Involvement 2015 Apr, 1 merged pull request
A Node.js git implementation modeled on ruby-git.


Involvement 2014 Oct to 2015 Apr (maintainer)
Don't just let your server crash on an unhandled error, finish everything you were doing first. Multiple techniques used to ensure your clients don't get socket hang-ups. Cluster support and graceful shutdown on SIGTERM too! Read More »


Involvement 2014 Oct to 2015 Apr (maintainer)
Make sure you know when your Node.js process crashes: output the error to stderr, append it to a file (synchronously), increment a statsd counter, send it via email, and send it via SMS. Cover all your bases in case of loss of filesystem access or internet connectivity! Read More »


Involvement 2014 Sep to 2015 Mar (maintainer)
A lightweight package for sending SMS via Twilio, and email via Sendgrid. Also makes it easy to receive SMS and email from these services in express-based apps. Read More »


Involvement 2015 Mar, 1 merged pull request
Validate files with JSHint, via Grunt.


Involvement 2014 Sep to Nov (maintainer)
Generate sunrise and sunset calendar items in CSV form for import to your favorite calendar program. Read More »


Involvement 2014 Oct (maintainer)
Allowing libaries to participate in logging without dictating anything about that logging system. Because logging is a process-level decision. Read More »


Involvement 2013 Mar to 2014 Aug, 4 total merged pull requests
PostgreSQL adapter for JugglingDB.


Involvement 2013 Feb to 2014 Mar, 2 total merged pull requests
Multi-database ORM: redis, mongodb, mysql, sqlite, postgres, neo4j, memory... Many databases, common API.


Involvement 2013 Dec, 1 merged pull request
Documentation generation, in the spirit of literate programming.


Involvement 2013 Nov, 1 merged pull request
Run Mocha server-side tests in Grunt.


Involvement 2012 Sep to Dec, 1 merged pull request
MailCore 1.0 is a Mac/iOS framework for working with the e-mail protocols IMAP and SMTP.


Involvement 2012 Sep, 1 merged pull request
BDD / TDD assertion framework for node.js and the browser that can be paired with any testing framework.

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