It's me!

Hi there. I'm Scott.

I'm a software consultant.

I provide:

Custom technical training

Whether focused on React.js, Node.js, JavaScript, or something else, any training will be targeted to your team and circumstances. My curriculum and class materials create the space for struggle , that time when students really learn.

Software development++

I've been told that I'm very fast. But I think I provide more value when I fix the really tough bugs, help to define/refine requirements, optimize architecture and test strategy, improve/develop infrastructure, and mob/pair program with or mentor your full-time developers.

I bring depth and breadth:

I started out as a web developer at Hewlett-Packard in August 1998, and since then I have written both server and client code in many languages. I bring a wide perspective from my varied undertakings: feature design and project management at Microsoft, interviewing customers at the Nordstrom Innovation Lab, running a company at LIFFFT, designing technical training for the Social Security Administration, and speaking at conferences and meetups. I have always done everything with a goal of excellence: I was Summa Cum Laude in Computer Science at Cal Poly, and ranked first in my high school class.

Sound interesting? Let's talk!

Recent Work »

Software Developer at Starbucks

2016 Q2 to Now (Contract)

Full stack development on a Node.js/React/Redux server-rendered web application.

Trainer at Ookla

2016 Q1 (Contract)

Design and delivery of hands-on training to prepare team from move from Backbone.js/Marionette app to React. Basic to intermediate React, React-Router, Flux/Redux, testing strategies, and ES2015/Babel covered. Self-discovery emphasized via comprehensive materials and exercises. Read More »

"Scott was a good and effective communicator, and the training was adapted to our particular situation, which was extremely helpful"
"They put you into the deep end without answers, but enough knowledge to figure it out. Although hard at first, I really appreciate it now that I'm finished. It leaves you with much more confidence."
"Scott did an excellent job"
"The order of the topics and the pace were really great"

Trainer at Social Security Administration

2015 Q4 (Contract)

Follow-up after original training which was before project kickoff. Node.js and React pair programming, mob programming, code reviews, team Q&A sessions, large-scale unstructured training sessions, and general consulting/mentoring.

"We have used Scott several times to help us transition to Node.js and related technologies. From training developers new to Node.js, to performing mob programming with our lead developers on frameworks and advanced topics. Scott's in-depth understanding and ability to transfer knowledge of Node.js and asynchronous programming really helped jump start our project."
Bill Cole, Chief Architect of Disability Case Processing System

Recent Speaking »

Recent Open Source Work »


Involvement 2016 Jun to Jul, 1 merged pull request
ESLint plugin to check filenames. Read More »


Involvement 2015 Jan to 2016 Jul (project owner)
The code to generate my personal blog. Read More »

Recent Blog Posts »

Contract: An unusual skillset Sep 20

Social Security Administration Logo

I've spoken before about my training and development contracts, but my second stint at the Social Security Administration (SSA) was an interesting mashup. I worked with the code itself as well with developers, project managers and executives. It was a great opportunity to use my unusual skillset: spanning the tech/non-tech divide... Read more »

Understand the problem (Dev productivity tip #1) Sep 13

I've been told that I'm a very productive developer. How do I do it? You're about to find out! Welcome to the first of my developer productivity tips: Understand the Problem.

Tutorials and bootcamps are all about book knowledge. For maximum coding productivity, you need deep knowledge of exactly what needs to be built and why! Read more »

Modern evidence requirements Aug 03

A couple years ago, I did my civic duty: I delivered a 'not guilty' verdict on a driving under the influence (DUI) case. But none of us on the jury were very happy about it. Why? We needed just a little more objective evidence. Important evidence that only technology can provide. Read more »

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