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Lead Developer at Signal Messenger

2017 Q2 to Now (Full-time)

New development and maintenance for the Signal Desktop application, an open-source Electron app built with Typescript, React, Redux, SQLCipher, Sass, and Storybook. And some Backbone.js too.

Software Developer at Starbucks

2016 Q2 to 2017 Q1 (Contract)

Full stack development on a Node.js/React/Redux/React-Intl/GraphQL server-rendered web application. All JavaScript was in modern syntax via Webpack/Babel/ESlint.

  • Audited performance and resilience, resulting in planned architecture changes, new guidelines, and direct pull requests (like introducing toobusy.js)
  • Drove dependency/architecture discussions.
  • Implemented all changes necessary to allow server-rendering of the single-page application components, and later wrote a script to generate pages to disk, along with the ability to switch back and forth between use of pre-generated or on-demand content.
  • Implemented several large features, including method-specific travel time in the store locator.
  • Worked with Ops to introduce new metrics and techniques to improve Splunk and New Relic monitoring of production application.
  • Discovered several major misunderstandings between teams, one of which required an overhaul of the application’s data layer.
  • Implemented the first Selenium-based browser automation tests for the sub-application.
  • Improved test coverage in several old areas of the application to reduce the risk of change.
  • Pair programmed to help other developers with tough problems and to track down high-urgency production bugs.
  • Refactored wherever and whenever possible to simplify the application.
  • Wrote comprehensive onboarding documentation to capture context for next set of developers.
"Scott is a meticulous thinker and he produces code like an absolute machine. He has been indispensable to our team, and has continually challenged us to think hard on the problems we're solving together."
Dale Bustad, Senior Software Engineer at Formidable Labs

Trainer at Ookla

2016 Q1 (Contract)

Design and delivery of hands-on training to prepare team from move from Backbone.js/Marionette app to React. Basic to intermediate React, React-Router, Flux/Redux, testing strategies, and ES2015/Babel covered. Self-discovery emphasized via comprehensive materials and exercises. Read More »

"Scott was a good and effective communicator, and the training was adapted to our particular situation, which was extremely helpful"
"They put you into the deep end without answers, but enough knowledge to figure it out. Although hard at first, I really appreciate it now that I'm finished. It leaves you with much more confidence."
"Scott did an excellent job"
"The order of the topics and the pace were really great"

Trainer at Social Security Administration

2015 Q4 (Contract)

Follow-up after original training which was before project kickoff. Node.js and React pair programming, mob programming, code reviews, team Q&A sessions, large-scale unstructured training sessions, and general consulting/mentoring. Read More »

"We have used Scott several times to help us transition to Node.js and related technologies. From training developers new to Node.js, to performing mob programming with our lead developers on frameworks and advanced topics. Scott's in-depth understanding and ability to transfer knowledge of Node.js and asynchronous programming really helped jump start our project."
Bill Cole, Chief Architect of Disability Case Processing System

Software Developer at Ookla

2015 Q3 to Q4 (Contract)

Refactoring and feature additions for a full-stack web app using: Webpack, Node.js, Express, knex/MySQL, Backbone.js/Marionette, Jade templates, as well as Stormpath for user management. Read More »

"Scott's value-add is beyond mere lines of code: he makes products better, both through superior engineering and contributions that significantly improve the user experience. The fact that he does all this with poise, expertise and at high velocity is astounding."
Jamie Steven, VP of Operations
"Scott is simply one of the best developers I've worked with in my 20 year career. Scott is able to land in complicated situations (projects technically and politically difficult) and figure out the best path forward for the team and code base. Scott evaluates technology carefully to figure out the best solution, then quickly and carefully creates stable and performant software."
Adam Loving, Freelance Rails and React.js Developer

Trainer at Social Security Administration

2015 Q3 (Contract)

Design and delivery of hands-on training covering Node.js, Express, Browserify, React.js, emphasizing test-first development techniques, via both unit-testing and API testing, using Mocha, Chai, Sinon.JS and Supertest. Both classroom instruction and pair/mob programming. Engagement facilitated by the United States Digital Service (USDS). Read More »

"That's the best training I've ever been to"
"I realized how much we didn't know"

Software Developer at Giant Thinkwell

2014 Q3 to Q4 (Contract)

Overhaul of back-end Express-based Node.js project. Removal of Krakenjs, substantial additional test coverage at all levels, new versioned API endpoints and data to support move to new back-end data provider, as well as new API features. Also: project scheduling, pair programming, and task breakdown/delegation.

"Scott has profound knowledge of Node.js and the best practices around it. He delivers that expertise with professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency. I'd definitely use him again."
Dan Gerrity, VP of Engineering

Software Developer at Walmart Labs

2014 Q1 to Q2 (Contract)

Development on the top two tiers of an e-commerce system. Server-side javascript on a Hapi-based Node.js project to provide a simpler interface to client-side code. Client-side development on a Thorax.js/RequireJS-based consumer of that Node.js endpoint. Interface with teams developing Java-based back-end systems.

Software Developer at MuleSoft

2013 Q4 (Contract)

Development of a Node.js/Express-based project to generate a scaffold API server based on provided RAML.

Co-founder, Partner at LIFFFT

2012 Q1 to 2013 Q2 (Full-time)

Co-founded the company, consulted with clients, launched a Pinterest analytics product built on Node.js, D3.js and CouchDB called Pinsight, hired and managed employees, managed cashflow and financial projections. Read More »

Software Developer at Nordstrom

2012 Q2 to Q4 (Contract)

Member of Nordstrom Innovation Lab. Agile coaching, brainstorming, customer survey and interview question design, customer interviewing. Prototype development in Node.js, iOS, Ruby on Rails, and client-side javascript.

"This man taught and gave me a love for Node.js."
Jon Madison, Senior Engineer
"Whether in an engagement or as a part of continuous improvement of the Lab, Scott has the observational skills and foresight to identify what needs to be done. Scott is knowledgeable and experienced, and to the benefit of the studios will often switch engagements to go where he can provide the most value."
"Hustle hustle hustle. Simple to state, but he makes me feel woefully inadequate in this area. If there's something to be done, he's down. Example of someone who's not afraid to fail, and fast."
"I like his genuine desire to mentor and teach, his technical abilities, and his hustle"

Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

2010 Q3 to 2011 Q3 (Full-time)

Project Manager for Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 release, a large-scale project involving 1500 people in Microsoft’s Developer Division and a few other partners.

Determined the initial principles of the release, designed the schedule, then managed it to it release in March 2011. Used several innovative techniques to keep the project running smoothly:

  • Calculated, based on the previous release’s endgame bug-fixing patterns, a bug quota for each team in the service pack
  • Used a focus group of developers and testers to determine what we needed to do to keep the nuts and bolts of the project running smoothly

Ran Visual Studio 2012 Dogfooding program, encouraging Developer Division to use prerelease versions of the product, and supporting them in that. Introduced several innovations for the program:

  • One-click install buttons for last-known-good build in regular emails
  • Usage tracking and detailed team-level reporting, including age of builds in use and key blocking bugs

Read More »

"Scott is a terrific project manager. He's personable and has a level head on his shoulders – he's very capable at making tradeoffs as our projects 'come in hot' towards deadlines."
"Scott has a great attitude! He's enthusiastic, smart, quick and willing to jump in at any depth as needed. Scott has no fear asking the hard questions and this makes him super effective. He also has a great way for asking for what he needs, not sure what magic he has but people seem to work harder when he asks. I really enjoy working with Scott!"
"He set the bar for me of what release pm should be."

Co-Founder, Software Developer at StarkRavingBits

2010 Q3 to 2011 Q2 (Side project)

Lead developer (Ruby on Rails and client-side javascript) for the company web site and main application, daytender.com. A video showing off DayTender. Read More »

Program Manager at Microsoft

2003 Q3 to 2010 Q3 (Full-time)

2003 to 2005: Designed features for the Visual Studio Debugger and helped manage logistics for the ~20-person team. An interview with me about Debugger Visualizers.

2005 to 2007: Project manager for a number of projects on the Visual C# team (~60 people) including the May 2006 LINQ CTP release and the team’s participation in Visual Studio 2008.

2007 to 2010: Project manager for a number of projects on the Visual Studio Languages team (~120 people), primarily Visual Studio 2010. Prior to this, also managed a Developer Division-wide effort to ensure VS2010 was compatible with VS2008 and prior (Side-by-Side).

Filled in as overall project manager for Visual Studio Professional teams (~600 people) at the end of VS2010 for about three months. Was also brought in to help with the MQ (Milestone of Quality) project after Visual Studio 2010 shipped. Read More »

"I find Scott's status e-mails to the VS team to always be very thorough, accurate, detailed, and helpful, especially as a PM who needs to be aware of schedules and milestones constantly. He's great at logistics and getting the right people in the right type of meeting using the right tools . Once an issue is brought to his attention, he seems to follow up very well."
"My favorite PM. He is awesome. Extremely efficient and on the ball. He drives people with humor"
"Scott always looks for and finds ways of improving the processes, he is always constructive, he is persistent when people don't get it the first time, he provides some much needed humor to situations"

Program Manager at Microsoft

2002 Q2 to Q3 (Intern)

Designed features for the Visual Studio Debugger including Just My Code stepping behavior, which shows only the code the developer cares about. Worked with the Common Language Runtime team to determine what infrastructure they could provide, and with debugger developers to fine-tune behavior.

Java Developer at Hewlett-Packard

2001 Q2 to Q3 (Intern)

Java Server Pages development with Struts on top of HP’s Bluestone Application Server. A few other tools written in SWING.

Web Developer at Hewlett-Packard

2000 Q2 to Q3 (Intern)

Web Development with Microsoft Active Server Pages (Classic ASP) and VBScript.

Software Developer at Terran Interactive

2000 Q1 to Q2 (Intern)

Infrastructure C++ development for Media Cleaner Pro software.

Web Developer at Hewlett-Packard

1998 Q3 to 1999 Q3 (Intern)

Raw HTML, CSS and Javascript editing. Development on top of Microsoft Active Server Pages (Classic ASP) with VBScript.

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